Dada Is Dada, Really A Great Man

Shreeji Maharaj was in Gadhada. Dada Khachar was always in Gadhada. He constantly remained in service of Maharaj. He obeyed each and every word of Maharaj. His pleasure consisted in the pleasure of Maharaj. Maharaj also many a time praised him and said, “Dada is Dada, such a person is never to be found.” On hearing this, one of Dada's cousin said, “Maharaj, you are wrong in being partial to Dada. We are equally like Dada.” Maharaj did not utter a single word at that time. After sometime it so happened that Maharaj had gone to the river to bathe. Dada and other person accompanied Maharaj. Dada's cousin was also there.

While returning from the river, Maharaj saw that some pilgrims from Dwarka were lying on the outskirts for a short stay, and they were labouing hard to handle the fireplace (stove) in the pit for cooking, but they failed to handle it because it was ruining. Maharaj saw this and told Dada's cousin, “How much trouble do these people undergo. There must be some sort of public-house (inn) for such pilgrims. Do something for them.” Dada's cousin replied, “Maharaj, many such persons wander here and there. How can we build public-houses for each and everyone?” “You are quite right,” said Maharaj, but then Maharaj turned towards Dada Khachar and said, “What is your opinion?”

Dada Khachar responded at once “Maharaj, it is your wish and there shall be a public-house. But we cannot wait till the public-house is built. I will take these pilgrims right now to my house.” Maharaj smiled and said, “How will you accommodate these pilgrims? You do not have enough space in the house?” “I will vacate the room where I live,” said Dada. “Where will you go?”, asked Maharaj. “I will live with saints, and my wife will live with nuns (SANKHYA-YOGINI ),” said dada. Maharaj now looked at Dada's cousin and said, “Did you hear this ?” That is why we say Dada is Dada.” Dada's cousin had now nothing to say. He realized that it is easy to beat everyone in every respect, but so far as sacrifice and abandonment is concerned, Dada is unbeaten.