Devotees Determination

Once Shriji Maharaj was holding a meeting. Many devotees from far and wide were present. All of a sudden Shriji Maharaj said, “ O my devotees, Make a Chain by holding one another's hands and stand in front of me.” The devotees did so. Shriji Maharaj stared at them sharply, counted the rows and numbered the persons standing in each row. Then Shriji Maharaj gently said, “Will you obey our command?” They said, “We have been waiting to obey your command.”

Shriji Maharaj then continued, “renounce the Grihsthashram and become a sadhu.” “What a great command!” But as the devotees were not shaken, Maharaj said, “Everyone is free to obey or disobey our command.” All the devotees unanimously said, “We don't want any freedom in our choice but to follow your command. We do believe that there lies our welfare.” On seeing the devotees' seriousness, Shriji Maharaj said, “You are declared `pass' in our examination. Whosoever has full faith and trust in our command is a true sadhu. He is `Paramhansa'. You need not leave your home. Enjoy the Grihsthashram happily, worship God and keep this attitude forever.”

But the devotees replied, “Now we are not ready to return to Grihsthashram.” Shriji Maharaj firmly said to them, “Do you want to do as you wish or do you want to follow my advice?” The devotees at last were ready to follow Maharaja's command. Maharajshri reminded them that he understood their welfare better than they. So Shriji Maharaj advised them, “Your welfare lies in what I command.” All the devotees fell at his (Shriji Maharaja's) feet and returned to their residence. This is an example which shows, how akillfully Shriji Maharaj put the Grihsthashram institution at par with the Sanyasashram.