Infants Killed by Kansa visit Shreeji Maharaj

One day, Shreeji Maharaj was travelling from Gadhada to Vadtal with numerous devotees and parshads. On the way, they arrived at a lake near the village of Gaanf. They stopped by the lake to take lunch. 

Mulji Brahmachari prepared the lunch for Shreeji Maharaj, while the others opened their own. Having enjoyed the meal, Shreeji Maharaj decided to rest. He covered himself with a cloth and laid down in the shadow of one of the trees. Naajaa Jogiya sat beside Shreeji Maharaj, fanning him. 

All of a sudden, some 2000-3000 children appeared from no-where. Naajaa Jogiya asked Shreeji Maharaj, “Prabhu, where have all these children come from?” 

Shreeji Maharaj removed the cloth from his face and replied, “They are the ones who King Kansa mistook for me, when I was on this earth as Krishna, and ordered their deaths.” 

Shreeji Maharaj looked at the children, who transformed into demi-gods and climbed into divine airplanes and disappeared into the heavens.